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  • Flowers Terranium Workshop

    A fun & therapeutic terrarium workshop, join Mystic Garden & learn to make your very own customised ...

    The Mystic Gardens

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

    1 1K
  • Curtain Steam Cleaning (on site) - 8 pieces

    Art of Cleaning steam cleans your curtain using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$160.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

    4 1K
  • 1x Adult Beginner or Intermediate Group Tennis Lesson

    Discover and master skills such as basic tennis techniques, hand-eye coordination, tennis strategies...

    Future Sports Academies Holdings

    S$45.00 Ex Tax: S$45.00

    5 657
  • Picnic Set-up With Glass Wares

    We love to plan for you! This is a picnic set-up package by the sea. This is perfect to spend a c...


    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    1 657
  • Outdoor Parkour Training - Raffles Place

    Each session seeks to train through conditioning and further fine tune the movements your parkour te...

    A2 Parkour

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

    1 824
  • Painting Services - New Condo- 3 Rooms 1 Hall

    Book the first appointment here! Then book the other sessions directly with the company. This servic...


    S$1,400.00 Ex Tax: S$1,400.00

  • Pastry - Danish Pastry And Croissant

    Individual hands-on. This is a 5 hours class for 4 people. Understanding the theory, ingredie...

    ITSI Baking Studio

    S$140.00 Ex Tax: S$140.00

  • 1:30 Hrs Trial Chinese Group Lesson - Primary 1

    This is a trial session for only one lesson. With this small group (max 4 pax) lessons, students wil...

    Tangerine Learning Centre Pte Ltd

    S$49.50 S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$49.50

    1 277
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  • Classic Manicure

    Come and enjoy a full classic manicure with our manicurists. Service includes shape, cuticle care, b...


    S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00

  • Landscape Maintenance (2 Hours)

    We plant and care personally for your landscape. Engage us with our 2 men experienced landscape tech...

    Abuzz Landscape Pte Ltd

    S$162.00 S$180.00 Ex Tax: S$162.00

    4 1K
  • Polynesian Dance - Traditional Tahitian Dance - Trial Class

    Discover the beautiful art of traditional Tahitian Dance “Ori Tahiti” during our Tahiti Dance classe...

    Tahiti Dance Fitness

    S$25.00 S$35.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

    2 713
  • Zumba Toning and Zumba Fitness Group Class

    A combination of dance oriented fitness class choreographed specifically to change with the music an...

    Jr Fitness

    S$18.00 Ex Tax: S$18.00

    1 480
  • Yoga (1 on 1) Lesson - 1 session

    Yoga lessons will be designed and facilitated according to needs of client's flexibility and health ...

    Awar3ness Within

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • Pastry - Cream Puff And Chocolate Eclairs

    Individual hands-on. This is a 4 hours class for 4 people. Understanding the theory, ingredien...

    ITSI Baking Studio

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • 2 Hrs Water ZOVBing + 30 Min Free - Young Birthday Party

    Firstly, a ZOVBonaut enters the deflated ball. We then zip up the Water walking ZOVB ball and pump i...

    WOW Experience Pte Ltd

    S$480.00 Ex Tax: S$480.00

  • 1 Hour Golf Session - Trial Session

    Individual and Golf Introduction are designed for the beginner golfer up to an intermediate level pl...

    Muru Golf Academy

    S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

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  • Emcee Entertainment Service By Born2talk

    Born2talk works with a diversified spectrum of high caliber charismatic event emcees. MC Aaron d'Alm...


    S$1,800.00 Ex Tax: S$1,800.00

  • Close Up Magic And Mind Reading for Corporate Events

    Keeps your guests entertained and at the same time leave them with a memorable experience of the eve...

    Maximus Media & Entertainment

    S$500.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

  • Mangrove Exploration at Sungei Buloh

    Join our guides as we embark into one of Singapore most protected wildlife reserves. This explorat...

    The Science Bus Pte Ltd

    S$20.00 Ex Tax: S$20.00

  • House Painting Service For HDB 5 Room Flat

    Are you looking for a professional good and affordable painting Service? So we are offering you for ...

    Handyman Services By Mostakim

    S$1,400.00 Ex Tax: S$1,400.00

  • Paddle Lessons for SUP Beginner

    1.5 hours introductory lesson begins with a 30 mins land/water theory, safety and techniques with ou...

    Team Informa

    S$55.00 Ex Tax: S$55.00

  • 2 Hour Photography For Event

    Looking for a photographer to capture all the precious moments at your special occasion? Enjoy t...

    The Fun Party

    S$320.00 Ex Tax: S$320.00

  • 2 Hrs Cocktail Workshop For 10 Pax

    This workshop lasts 2 hours with a maximum of 10 participants. Learn basic bartending and mixolog...

    The Shake Affinity Singapore

    S$875.00 Ex Tax: S$875.00

  • Boogie (Rumba Techniques) Lesson

    Learn the movement techniques of the Ballroom style of RUMBA in easily broken down in easy to pick u...

    Flyte Studio

    S$25.00 Ex Tax: S$25.00

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  • Bespoke Garden Bouquet Workshop (Fresh Flowers)

    Students will make sprawling & lush arrangements with flower & foliage materials, to create a wonder...

    The Mystic Gardens

    S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

    1 1K
  • Singapore Asia 101 Food Trail Tour (Adult)

    Known for a food paradise, Singapore offers a wide range of gourmet from many cuisines and culture. ...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

    3 1K
  • Crazy Rich Asians: Singapore in a Nutshell Introductory Tour

    On this 4 hours guided tour, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to Singapore as you explore the...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    4 1K
  • Michelin 1 Star Chicken Rice and Local Hawker Food Tour

    On this 4 hours guided tour, you'll explore the neighbourhood of Telok Ayer and Chinatown and sample...

    Monster Day Tours

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    4 1K
  • Singapore City Bike Tour

    Our journey will start at the central of Singapore, south of Singapore river, here we will visit the...

    Easy Nomad Pte Ltd

    S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

    4 878
  • Novice Anglers Course

    The yacht based Novice Angler's Course is catered for keen beginner anglers who want to learn more a...

    My Fishing Frenzy Academy

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

    2 1K
  • Candlelight Dinner for Couple

    We love to plan for your dates! This is a candlelight dinner by the sea included with romanticall...


    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Outdoor Parkour Training - Raffles Place

    Each session seeks to train through conditioning and further fine tune the movements your parkour te...

    A2 Parkour

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

    1 824
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  • Bridal Add on Quick Look Change on the Wedding Day

    Get a bridal add on quick look change for the most beautiful day of your life provided by an experi...

    The Beauty Society

    S$250.00 Ex Tax: S$250.00

    1 1K
  • Natural Eyelash Extension

    Eyelash extensions add volume, length, and thickness, making your eyes look more attractive.


    S$40.00 S$50.00 Ex Tax: S$40.00

  • Express Manicure and Pedicure

    The shaping of nails. Choice of 1 gel polish.

    i Nails Culture

    S$15.00 Ex Tax: S$15.00

    1 982
  • Events Photography for Birthday Parties (120 Min Coverage)

    Book with us today to preserve your precious moments. We use only high-quality equipment with backup...

    Fifty-Five Shutters Photography

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

    3 880
  • Signature Body Hot Stone Therapy Massage

    Hot stone Body Therapy is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the bo...

    Spa Aperial

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

    4 1K
  • Children and Family Photography

    One hour Photoshoot, Outdoor* or in the Studio**, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the whole fami...


    S$500.00 S$550.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

    4 1K
  • Makeover for Event, Party, Wedding - Home Service

    Makeover for party, event, wedding, bridesmaid, prom, photoshoot.


    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

    2 462
  • 1 Hr Land ZOVBing + 30 Min Free - Young Birthday Party (14 Pax)

    Step into an enormous clear plastic air-cushioned sphere, get strapped up and roll down a slope in a...

    WOW Experience Pte Ltd

    S$490.00 Ex Tax: S$490.00

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  • Moving In/Out and Spring Cleaning Service (801-1000sqft)

    Welcome to DEW Homes! We would like to offer you our Pre Move-in, Post Reno, Pre/Post Tenancy, Festi...

    Dew Homes Pte Ltd

    S$290.00 Ex Tax: S$290.00

  • Carpet Cleaning (<80sqft)

    Art of Cleaning cleans your carpet or rug using efficient cleaning technology resulting in shorter d...

    Art of Cleaning Pte Ltd

    S$160.00 S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

    1 972
  • Garden Maintenance - 1 hour

    We will come as a team of one supervisor and two workers, providing quality garden maintenance at yo...

    Green Fingers Landscaping Services

    S$120.00 Ex Tax: S$120.00

    2 1K
  • Regular House Cleaning - 2 or 3 Bedrooms HDB (5 Sessions)

    Our Cleaners will be providing you with General Surface Cleaning for 3 Hours per Session. For the...

    Plovers Cleaning

    S$340.00 S$425.00 Ex Tax: S$340.00

    2 742
  • Basin Premium Tap Replacement

    1. New premium tap in 304 stainless steel full body. Single lever only cold water. 2. Labour ...

    Mark Kratous Design & Decoration

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • 1x Aircon Chemical Overhaul - 1 Unit

    WellSpring Cool Air can help you breath better inside your own home or office. We can help if you ar...

    WellSpring Cool Air Engineering

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Chemical Servicing For Washing Machines

    Washing machine if not maintain, have more than 500% of bacteria and unwanted fungus and particles. ...

    Vinc Handyman

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

  • Painting Services - All Kitchen Wall

    This painting is Water Scalant Painting. Are you looking for a change or eyeing to improve the l...


    S$200.00 Ex Tax: S$200.00

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  • 1x Individual Tennis Lesson (Kids or Adult)

    Trial session. Learn the correct principles, theories, and biomechanics of how to hit the forehand, ...

    Future Sports Academies Holdings

    S$90.00 Ex Tax: S$90.00

    2 785
  • 1 hour Swimming Lesson 1 to 1 (Novena)

    We specialize mainly in swimming courses following a unique step by step method developed by Christi...

    Elite Coach Pte Ltd - Christian

    S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

    2 970
  • 1x Prenatal Group Class (Ang Mo Kio)

    Make your bump journey a mindful one. Integrating mindfulness practices such as breath awareness...

    Bliss Shala

    S$35.00 Ex Tax: S$35.00

    2 534
  • Zumba Fitness Group Class

    An exhilarating combination of popular international music and dance, Zumba® Fitness is a Latin-insp...

    Jr Fitness

    S$18.00 Ex Tax: S$18.00

  • 30 Minutes Power Plate Burn Training

    A cardio HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class to incinerate fat and train the heart with an...

    RAW Active

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

  • 30 Minutes Power Plate Strong Training

    A strength training workout to improve strength gains in a full body 30-minute workout. Dumbbells or...

    RAW Active

    S$30.00 Ex Tax: S$30.00

  • Golf lessons - Individual Lessons -10 sessions of 1 hour

    The program consists of 10 x 1 hour lessons Individual and Golf Introduction are designed for the b...

    Muru Golf Academy

    S$950.00 Ex Tax: S$950.00

  • Badminton Classes for Kids/Teens at Yishun - 4 Sessions

    It's a 4 sessions package. Book the first session here and see directly with the coach for the other...

    Synchro Badminton Academy

    S$150.00 Ex Tax: S$150.00

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  • Python Programming

    Learn how to program and learn coding as a skill in your daily life or work.

    Software Developer & Programming Teacher

    S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

    4 1K
  • Guzheng lesson

    •tuning guzheng •introduction of guzheng •foundational skills •music appreciation •guzheng the...

    Cherie Lee

    S$60.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

  • Chiffon Cake And Hokkaido Cupcakes With Frosting

    Individual Hands-on. Understanding the theory, ingredients and learn the skills and technique in ...

    ITSI Baking Studio

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

    1 962
  • 2 Hours Accounting (POA) Lessons For Sec 3 Students Only

    A 2-hour lesson with an experienced teacher in accounts. Only for Secondary 3 students to learn prin...

    Teacher Alnz

    S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

  • 4 x 1:30 Hrs Individual Experimental Science Lessons - P4 Level

    These experimental science lessons are an individual class. The student will receive personalised te...

    Learn And Grow Education

    S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

  • Economics International Baccalaureate Lesson (HL/SL)

    This 1:30 hours lesson is customised to the needs of the students, in terms of content and the pace ...

    Ms Koo

    S$100.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

  • 1:15 Hrs Essential DJ Course

    This is a 1:15 hours workshop. This is an individual lesson. Be prepared for any party environme...

    Group Of Djs Asia

    S$60.00 Ex Tax: S$60.00

  • 4 x 1:30 Hrs Chinese Group Lesson - Kindergarten 1

    This package includes 4 lessons per months. With this small group (max 4 pax) lessons, students will...

    Tangerine Learning Centre Pte Ltd

    S$170.00 S$175.00 Ex Tax: S$170.00

    1 153
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